Our 3-Day Ultimate Professional Organizing Program is the ideal course to organize and build structure in your life and your clients’.
Whether you want to develop organizational skills for yourself or for others, reduce stress and increase productivity where you live and work and integrate
your Ultimate Professional Certification with other certifications ~ this course is perfect for you! We teach you everything you need to know to get
organized; from developingyour own organizational systems to implementing them in your clients’ life to applying these systems in all
different spaces to performing organization consultations and so much more!


Why Choose Our In-Class Program?

  • Maximum 6-8 Students Per Class!
  • We offer a premium learning experience with just a handful of like minded people
  • Our small class size is designed to facilitate small group discussion, one-to-one mentoring and personalized training & coaching!
  • Our training centre is located in a beautiful heritage building in a spa-like setting
  • We offer an inclusive environment where no one is left out
  • This private facility allows for a relaxing environment which is comfortable and quiet – the perfect environment for learning
  • Our program is in-depth and intensive – providing you with all the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the field of Professional Organizing
  • Learning and the introduction of new ideas is continuous throughout the program
  • You will have the confidence and ability to go out to help other people with their Organizing needs
  • A quote from Eileen,  “It is a wonderful experience to see our student’s excitement on Monday morning, then seeing them graduate on the last day of the course. It is so gratifying to see the new skills they have developed and the opportunity that lies ahead of them in the field of Professional Organizing.


Our Philosophy of Positive Learning

We believe that a positive learning environment with encouraging instructors, very simply, leads to the best results.
Our philosophy of positive learning is enhanced by conducting our courses in small class sizes.
Our class size is restricted to a maximum of 6-8 people per session. This lends itself to a comfortable and personalized learning environment.
Our class mentality fosters group discussions, stress-free question asking, and ultimately the most effective learning environment.
A comfortable environment, wonderful camaraderie, and constructive communication are all the ingredients that go into what we call the “Power of the Group”.
We believe positivity is infectious and a positive outlook is a major key to success.


Your Certification

The UCPO™ Certified Ultimate Professional Organizer™ Certification is a premium Professional Organizer Certification.
Displaying the UCPO™ Certification reflects that you have been professionally trained and certified
and operate using a proven system and under a Code of Conduct reflecting the highest ethical standards.
This certification verifies your professionalism in the industry and provides you with instant credibility.

Home Staging Course - Satisfaction Guarantee

The UltimateStager Academy™
Satisfaction Guarantee

Graduates may take unlimited class retakes of their course free of charge for 3 years!
Why do we offer this? We offer Free Unlimited class scheduled retakes of the Ultimate Academy™ Feng Shui Courses to give you peace of mind.
Should you feel that given the vast amount of information covered in the course, that you would benefit from attending the course again, you are welcome to do so.


Course Calendar


Course Dates Course Availability
Monday Oct 2/17 – Wednesday Oct 4/17 3 Day Professional Organizing SOLD OUT
Monday Nov 6/17 – Wednesday Nov 8/17 3 Day Professional Organizing SOLD OUT
Monday Dec 4/17 – Wednesday Dec 6/17 3 Day Professional Organizing 3 Seats Available




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