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Does having a home professionally staged make a difference on how that home is going to sell? Absolutely! Home Staging is the modern way for people to sell their homes. When a home goes on the market, it becomes a product, and just like marketing any other product, it must show well to sell well.


Marketing evokes our desires and emotions and good marketing will make us want the product no matter what. If you were marketing a chocolate bar and it was in a plain brown wrapper, would people want to buy it? Probably not. But if we were to create packaging that had a beautiful picture of a succulent chocolate bar dripped in caramel, then you would not be able to keep them on the shelves.


Well it is no different when selling a home. People buy a home based on emotion. Our job as home stagers is to market the home so we are going to trigger people’s emotions. If the rooms in the home seem cold and damp and give us a feeling of sadness, then we are not going to be compelled to buy that house. We are going to be wondering will our furniture fit in here, will this room work for what we want to use it for, and is it the ideal room for our needs?


The thing we need to remember, is that this is not just shelter for the buyer, this is going to be there home. This is going to be where they raise their family, where they will entertain, where they have joy and where those precious memories will be created. The potential buyer needs to feel a connection with the home. This instant emotional attachment will immediately start to give them positive thoughts and even dreams of what life would be like living there. We want to create a connection that is strong enough for the buyer to act and to make that home their own. If the buyer is not feeling this positive energy, then they are not going to be compelled to move forward and motivated to make this home their own.


Since most buyers purchase a home based on emotion, home staging is designed to evoke those emotions and to bring them out to their fullest. Our job as home stagers is to help our home sellers get the most for that home. Once people are buying on emotions, quiet simply, they are willing to pay more, often, whatever it takes. We like to think that when we make home buying decisions, we are doing it in a very practical and analytical manner, but so often, that is not the case. How many of us have walked through a home, loved it, and looked at our spouse and said, “I love it, this is the one for us”? We say this even though it is out of our budget. We want it and we want to make it happen now. 


So, the dining room not only has to look like a dining room, but it should look and feel like the warmest, most inviting dining room for all those family gatherings. Those family gatherings for the holidays, with rich food displays and all the laughter and good times that go along with that. The family room must look rich, inviting, and cozy and look like the perfect place to gather with the family on a cold, snowy winter night with the fire crackling, the children in front of the fire place, and with Hockey Night in Canada on the TV.


Bedrooms must be shown as bedrooms, not home offices or extra closet or storage space. This dream home must be displayed in a way that it is clear to the home buyer: how many bedrooms there really are, how well their furniture is going to fit, and how beautiful each family members space can be. They will be imaging tucking their kids into bed at night and reading them a bedtime story and wishing them sweet dreams.


As Certified UltimateStagers™ our job is to see the vision, to understand what the buyers are looking for and to create the dream. We are experts at executing the home staging so that everything will be put into place so the buyer will not have to imagine the life they can have, they can simple see the dream in front of them.


Eileen Taylor, USC™
Certified UltimateStager™ & ReDesigner 
President & Co-Founder 

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