Ready to Create Your First Facebook Post? Follow these 6 Easy tips to Help You Get Started!


  1. Speak to your target audience

    • When you are creating content, you want to have it applicable towards your followers. Having relevant information that your followers can use is important because you will gain more like, shares, and comments. Knowing who your audience is and what they care about is key. Craft your message so that it speaks to them. 

  2. Get to the point

    • Try and be as concise as possible when creating your content. No one likes to read four paragraphs and not know what you are talking about. Having a paragraph or so that summarizes your topic in a clear manner, allows people to retain that information and effectively use it. The basic premise of introducing the subject, providing further description and possibly examples and then a summary or conclusion will create a logical flow to your content. 

  3. Include an appealing graphic

    • Graphics grab people’s attention! The more inviting your graphic is, the more likely your followers will stop and read your post. Studies have shown that when we see a graphic that catches our eye, we will have a greater chance of reading the article and remembering the article. Subsequently a greater chance of retaining more of the information. This is where your creativity comes in. Have fun with this, and create a graphic that speaks to your content. Don’t try and put too much in the graphic. It all doesn’t have to be there. Sometimes less is more. 

  4. Have a good headline

    • Having a good head line will attract your followers to stop scrolling and read your post. Keep it short and sweet but give them something that will entice the user to read more. This will hopefully get the user to like, share, or comment on your post, which will allow your post to get more traffic. Have clear headings and subheadings, have a consistent colour theme, and always remember to provide your contact information within the graphic such as your websites URL. 

  5. Have content that is relevant to your users (content is the most important thing!!)

    • If you provide captivating content you are more than likely to have you post liked, shared and commented on. Therefore, it will allow your post to be seen by more people. You Provide your reader with valuable information. Information that they can use to further their endeavours or information that they will find interesting and compelling. You want the reader to look forward to your articles or posts and to make it a must read. Ideally you want to present yourself as person of authority on the subject. 

  6. Make your post personable

    • Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and relate to your followers – it is okay to be human! People are attracted to this. They will feel more obligated to like, share, or comment on your post, which will, in theory, have your post higher in the news feed. This will create more interactions. People are more encouraged to connect with you when you are personable as well as professional – they will feel a sense of comfort.


Greg Taylor, USC™
Business Instructor & Co-Founder
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