4 Weeks of Decluttering – Week 1: The Bathroom



Spring has sprung and we all know what that means – Spring cleaning! The scent of fresh grass is in the air, the birds are starting to sing, and your house has accumulated a year’s worth of clutter. Decluttering can be daunting so we suggest to break it down. Over the next four weeks, we’ll be featuring a room in the house with a step-by-step guide and some tips to make decluttering a breeze, or at the very least, doable. Start small with the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in the house so we’ll ease into week one of Spring there.


Week 1: The Bathroom


Step 1: Purge: First things first, if you don’t use it then lose it. Those three almost empty bottles of conditioner in the shower, you’re most likely not going to finish them. The old bottle of Tylenol from 2006, it’s expired. And your collection of old makeup, it’s time to toss it. Go through the shower, shelves, drawers, and cabinets. Toss everything that’s expired, old or that you just won’t use.


Step 2: Downsize:  We all have our guilty pleasures – A collection that keeps growing. It may be body washes, hand soaps, lotions or bubble baths. You find one, you fall in love, and you have to have it. Then it joins the ever growing collection and never gets used. Go through your collection and be honest with yourself – if you will never use it, then toss it or give it away. For the ones your heart can’t bear to part with make a rule; you have to use two before you can add one more to your collection. 


Step 3: Sort: Prioritize your space by dividing your things into 3 groups and storing them accordingly. Group 1: the everyday essentials. These include items like your hand soap, toothbrush, hair brush, and bottles of shampoo and conditioner. The items you use daily will take up prime real estate, counter space and the easy to reach shelves or drawers. Group 2: the items that come out every few days, hair dryer, tweezers, dry shampoo (well, the dry shampoo may be more of a daily item for those of us who have a love hate relationship with the snooze button). Whatever is on your list, hide these items away in easy to access spaces. Group 3: the once in a blue moon items; extra hand towels, hair curlers, or candles for a bubble bath, these can take up the hard to reach places.


Step 4: Create Space and Boundaries: Bins, trays, containers even an extra shelf. Trays and bins keep things organized and separate. A tray on your counter can be a decorative item, plus it prevents your hair ties from slowly migrating across the counter top. Use containers to combine items like Q-tips or cotton balls and to get rid of the unsightly packaging they come in. Put like items together in bins. You’ll know where to find them when you need them and it will prevent everything from cluttering into one big pile.


Step 5: Decorate: You should feel comfortable and happy in your bathroom, it’s where you start and end each day. Wipe down surfaces to brighten up the space and add a few items to make it your own –  a decorative soap holder, a small plant, or decorative clock, so you can see how long you slept in after pressing that snooze button five times. Make your bathroom a de-cluttered and happy place, you’re in there everyday after all.


Bonus Tip: Use hooks instead of bars to hang towels. For those of you who have that one person in your home who constantly leaves their towel on the floor, or if you are that person, hooks may be a good idea. Hanging your towel on the bar may not  take much effort, but a hook takes even less and that person, or you, may be more inclined to drop the towel on the hook rather than the floor.


The Bathroom is done and now Feng Shui ready!. You have turned it into a clutter-free and relaxing space. Spring has sprung and the cleaning has begun. Follows these tips and tricks with your clients while you are home staging. Next up, the place where dreams come true – dreams of your stomach that is. In week two, we will be de-cluttering the kitchen.


Happy Spring!


Jill Taylor, USC™, UFSC™
Certified UltimateStager™ & Feng Shui Specialist
Manager of Student Experience & Tutoring










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