3 Tips To Get More Facebook Followers Fast!


Why do we use Facebook? Is it to search up old friends to see what their up to? Is it to sift through your cousins pictures from their most recent vacation? These are reasons people use Facebook, maybe even you do these things too, but today’s blog will be talking about using Facebook for BUSINESS purposes!


It’s essential to have a Facebook business page as it is a great tool to use to market your business, tell other people what your brand is about, share content, and connect with others. Let’s jump right in!


Tip #1: Have an impressive profile photo and bio

By having a professional profile picture, such as a head shot of yourself or the logo for your business, right away it allows other individuals to visually see what your business is about. As well, having a completed bio with all the necessary information one would look for, such as what your brand’s purpose, where you are located, and how others can contact you, makes it super easy for interested people to find out information fast!


Tip #2: Include a link to your website on your profile

Under the ‘about’ section on your business page, include a hyperlink to your website. This allows viewers to easily click on the link and immediately be directed to your website, allowing them to search for more information efficiently.


Tip #3: Post often!

Ensure you are creating and posting content as often as you can on Facebook to let others know you are active and interested in engaging with them. If your Facebook page does not have many posts, and you have not been active for days, chances are, people will resist reaching out to you, as they think you are not serious about your company. Also, this gives an unprofessional look to your brand.


There you have it! 3 great tips to increase traffic to not just your Facebook page, but hopefully your website as well! This will also enable you to receive more followers, and in turn, you will be able to find more brands and engage with others too!


Jill Taylor, USC™, UFSC™
Certified UltimateStager™ & Feng Shui Specialist
Manager of Student Experience & Tutoring







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