3 Tips On Creating The BEST Instagram Profile


Instagram is a great app that allows users to share photos and videos about their brands and connect with those who have similar interests as them. Since Instagram is a visually based platform, users ensure their content looks visually appealing to attract the most amount of followers!


#1: Ensure You Have a Theme For Your Profile

“What’s a theme?” you may be wondering. Well, having a theme on your Instagram profile simply means to have posts that frequently use similar filters, alike colours, and same style of photo. This shows viewers your brand is consistent, and it looks visually appealing as your page has a cohesive flow.


#2: Only Post Quality Photos and Videos

Since Instagram uses visual only (minus the brief caption), it is essential your posts are of high quality, there is a focal point, and images are not blurry. This shows your brand is professional with its marketing. Good news – this does NOT mean you need an expensive camera for your posts, a Smartphone camera will do!


#3: Tag Followers on Your Posts

If you are adding a post with a co-worker, tag them in the photo. This is a way to engage and interact with others. This photo will appear on your friend’s profile, and their friends will be able to see the photo too. This permits more viewers to see your posts and hopefully follow you!

Try out these 3 tips next time you post for creating the BEST Instagram profile!


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